Coke and Potato Chips: Daydreaming a new conversation on nutrition and food security

When we talk about nutrition in the food movement, we too often talk about telling poor people what to eat. Let's listen to them instead. 

I’m in Mexico City for a conference on agroecology and food sovereignty.  This meeting focuses on farmers’ organizations and farmers movements.  It is hosted by ANEC, an association of Mexican farmers unions, in association with IATP, the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, a think tank based in Minnesota.  As I understand it, the goal is to bring together representatives of farmers movements, progressive funders who want to support them, and a handful of activist-scholars.  We will hole up in a hotel in the middle of Mexico City with the ambitious goal of setting an agenda for advancing agroecology and food sovereignty in Latin America.  We will write a declaration...

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Food Security and Food Sovereignty

The shifting and contested definitions of the opposite of hunger.

As part of the Semillas Tzucacab project, we asked about farming families’ experiences with hunger, and especially, about the ways that rural households use to reduce their risk of going hungry.  People told us about many strategies to ensure that their household had enough to eat, even during droughts, hurricanes, sudden changes in the price of food, and other disturbances to their farms and livelihoods.  Poverty puts many people in Tzucacab at risk of going hungry, and for most households, achieving food security in a changing climate and changing economy requires ingenuity and constant adjustment of strategies for mitigating risk.  Even then, hunger is often close at hand.

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Youth Researchers Interviewed on Mayan-Language Radio Station

Listen to Leo, Jimenez and Mateo speak about Semillas Tzucacab on the radio.

On Sunday at the Mayan-Language radio station XEPET in Peto, Yucatan, three of the Youth Researchers invited listeners to the big photography show in Tzucacab next Sunday.

They have been busy inviting everyone, inviting speakers, planning refreshments and music. They are doing an amazing job of putting this event together. And in the radio interview, you can hear how bright and articulate they are.

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