Soy Orgullosamente Maya / I am proudly Mayan   by     Leonor Dzul Uc for Semillas Tzucacab

Soy Orgullosamente Maya / I am proudly Mayan by Leonor Dzul Uc for Semillas Tzucacab

Semillas Tzucacab

Participatory PHOTOGRAPHY on Biodiversity and food soveriegnty

What are the lived experiences of struggles for food sovereignty? What does conservation mean in a changing world? How are rural food systems changing in the urban century? What does it mean to be young and Mayan?

Semillas Tzucacab is a participatory action research project based in Tzucacab, a rural municipality in southern Yucatán, Mexico.  It is a collaboration between Chelsea Wills, a visual artist, and Devon Sampson, an agroecologist, and a team of youth researcher/photographers from Tzucacab, including Leonor Dzul Uc, Gilberto Jiménez Chi, Mateo Hau Noh, Joel Euan Cob, Celmy Yah Acevedo, and Sandy Hau Kantun.

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La Comida / The Meal  by   Leonor Dzul Uc for Semillas Tzucacab

La Comida / The Meal by Leonor Dzul Uc for Semillas Tzucacab

Agrobiodiversity and Food Security

Agrobiodiversity can buffer the risk of going hungry

Small-scale farmers often grow an extraordinary diversity of crops in their farms and gardens, stewarding the vast majority of the worlds agrobiodiversity.  At the same time, poverty and marginalization conspire with unpredictable growing conditions and erratic food prices to make many small-scale farmers vulnerable to running out of food.  

Over six years of participatory action research in rural Yucatan, Mexico, I found that high levels of agrobiodiversity may be one of the most effective strategies that farmers use to strengthen food security and protect themselves from the risk of going hungry. 

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